Big Data and Customer Loyalty

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Big data isn’t just for acquisition, it also plays an important role in building loyalty among existing customers. Some may even argue that the key to achieving the ultimate customer experience lies in advanced analytics. However, according to Forrester, 81% of firms have immature customer experience management programs.

It’s no surprise this is the case when we consider how vast data collection has become and how complex it can be to interpret and communicate across various departments. One way Marriott is addressing this is through the newly created role of Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO). Marriott’s CXO is responsible for coordinating the customer experience across the sales, marketing, brand and IT teams. The position helps ensure that the company is looking at the customer holistically and provides a consistent experience across the website, mobile application and physical presence on property.

Another major player in the hospitality industry, Wyndham, has relied heavily on data to build and refine its loyalty program. According to Noah Brodsky, senior vice president, worldwide loyalty and engagement at Wyndham Hotel Group, the loyalty program is the brand’s competitive advantage. Brodsky added that it’s extremely important to always be able to answer the question: “What are our customers asking for?” Through a cycle of customer research and testing, Wyndham gets closer and closer to the answer.

It’s important that marketers don’t view big data and the customer experience as a one and done project. Building loyalty requires constant evaluation, research and insight into customer data.

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